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Hey there! I'm Enuma.

I got you...It's pronounced eh-new-mAH 

I'm going to be honest with you...

Picture this: I'm at the top of my game professionally, battling three months of migraines, and waking up every day in a marriage I know I co-created but where I couldn't quite find myself. Classic Monday, right?

So, I did the unthinkable. I walked away from my high-paying, high-influence job, fully aware that it was taking a toll on my well-being. And after some deep therapy, I made the gut-wrenching decision to end my marriage.


There is no sugarcoating it. This was a *seismic* shift in my life.

But I wanted to understand and grow the parts of me that accepted just surviving and "going along to get along".

So I lived off my savings and took a year-long sabbatical, a soul-searching journey marked by intentional self-care, almost daily journaling, lots of tears & days in bed, a few flights, and deep dives into self-discovery. I took all the tools I had used to guide others throughout my career—facilitation, professional development, coaching, you name it—and threw it right back at myself.

I fully faced myself. I grappled with new routines and enforced new dynamics within my familial relationships and friendships to protect my peace. I focused on building a healthier mindset and acquired skills that rewired my entire existence. I won't lie; it was the hardest thing I've ever done. But let's be real, who said transformation was a walk in the park?

And along my journey, I saw that I wasn't alone. I met other sisters on the same rollercoaster of self-neglect, stuck in situations they accepted or couldn't escape. That got me thinking. We all had this collective story of putting everyone else first, dealing with toxic work vibes, and doing the identity cha-cha.

And so my journey continued

In the messiness of self-discovery,
I made the decision to thrive, not just survive.
And now it was time to help others.

Enter She Thrivin'—my brainchild.

 She Thrivin’ is more than a company; it's a transformative movement. While I support all individuals, regardless of identity, this movement was created for sisters who, like me, have faced the heaviness of self-neglect and are ready to flip the script. 


We are a sisterhood where ambitious women of color come together to create a life marked by deep fulfillment and long-awaited achievement. 


and now...

Your straight-talking, matcha-loving, Harvard-educated
Thrive Coach.

With a background in prevention science from Harvard, I've dedicated my career to developing interventions addressing the traits and behaviors linked to negative outcomes in your life, whether they stem from psychological factors, family dynamics, or cultural influences. We focus on amping up healthier behaviors and positive outcomes. Mixing in a dash of positive and performance psychologies, human motivation theories, and a sprinkle of motivational interviewing, I hold transformational spaces for individuals and groups that center compassion, deep understanding, and action.

Ok, enough with the fancy language. My dedication isn't just confined to abstract theories; it's for individuals like you, working to uncover their true selves, unlock their potential, and shake up those harmful mindsets and habits in search for a healthier, happier life.


But hey, I don't just stop there. In the professional arenas of Learning & Development and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, I've been the brains behind programs, led successful company-wide initiatives, and facilitated training and workshops for diverse audiences, including youth and adults in education, tech, and fitness/human performance sectors.

My work as a
Thrive Coach.

my unique zone of genius

This isn't just a title I wear; it's the mission I breathe - to transform your grind into growth, your hustle into healing. I'm all about lifting up my sisters in color, helping you navigate the maze of personal and professional growth, with a sprinkle of self-love on top.

With me by your side, we'll tackle those roadblocks, dance over those negative vibes, and carve out a life that's not just good, but golden. I'm here to dish out the tools, the tactics, and the tough love that'll propel your career to new heights, all while making sure your well-being gets the VIP treatment it deserves.

I embody the role of a catalyst for change. I support my clients in overcoming obstacles, breaking negative cycles, and creating lives where they can prosper without compromising their identity or well-being.

So, if you're ready to thrive in all shades of your life, let's get this journey started. Together, we're unstoppable.

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I’m in no way the same person I was before I worked with Enuma...

“...and I’m so grateful that I’m a few dozen steps closer to who I envision being. I’ve adopted her questioning in my self-reflection, sought more creative ways to pour into myself via different hobbies, and left relationships that no longer serve my whole being. I’ve also learned how to reframe my thinking and define success under the terms that I want, instead of what society (including well-intentioned family/friends) wants.”

-Bakardi B.


 what she said 

Thrive With Her

Listen to our podcast, Thrive With Her, where we flip the script on self-care being a luxury and saying no labeled as selfish. 

This podcast is all about thriving, filling your cup, and taking control. Ever wondered how women putting themselves first really do it? What does a life in alignment really feel like? We're diving deep with inspiring women of color, spilling the tea on their journey from doing what they’re  'supposed to' to living their calling. Get ready for some real talk and laughs.

Hosted by Enuma Igweatu, a quirky, straight-talking, Nigerian-American professional coach from the Bronx and currently making waves in Phoenix. 

Tune in online

Listen on all these platforms

Happy Friends


 The choice is yours: continue surviving or join us and thrive.

Choose to see how every day is an opportunity to rewrite your story.

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