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If you're the kind of woman who loves the undivided attention and tailored guidance that comes from a one-on-one connection, then I've got just the thing for you.

Dive into a single powerful session OR a 4-month coaching experience where it's all about you, your dreams, and your journey.


where do we start?

Here's What To Expect

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Insightful Coaching,
not Girl Talk

These aren’t your typical check-in sessions; our work is a transformative journey with true accountability. Get ready for insightful coaching and thought-partnership that goes beyond the surface.


Together, we'll craft a blueprint that's uniquely tailored to you, unraveling the motivations behind your behavior and pinpointing key areas for growth. Then actually working on them. We’ll create a roadmap that will guide your journey to thriving on your terms and redefining success.


I'm here to walk beside you every step of the way (virtually, of course) – addressing challenges and celebrating wins, whether they're monumental or tiny victories.

Focused Attention, Deliberate Work

Over the course of four months, you'll have my unwavering focus – my eyes, ears, and heart tuned into you.


Together, we'll unearth the roots of your wildest ambitions and nurture them with strategies that not only illuminate your greatness but also restore the passion in you. With me in your corner, you'll have the space to explore, the freedom to question, and the support to soar.

This exclusive experience is designed for the woman who's ready to commit to a deep dive, emerging as someone who truly. If you're ready to make significant changes in your life and have a blast while doing it, let's link up.

Your Coaching Journey

here's what's included

Over the six months of our coaching partnership, you'll have access to:

  • twelve (12) individual coaching sessions

  • one 90-minute Enneagram-based coaching session focused on insights into your patterns and motivation of behavior (included) 

  • a comprehensive 23-page personalized iEQ9 personality type report for future reference 

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"Enuma has been such a gift. I highly recommend."

Often times it felt like I was unraveling. And I was, but  the results have been life-changing.
She helped me first realize my limiting beliefs and where they came from. I was content with just that, but she pushed me to do something with this newfound self-awareness. As a result, I've engaged in some difficult, but healing, dialogue with the people who have unconsciously nurtured those harmful beliefs I held. My heart has gone places it tried to forget. I've developed healthier ways of communicating with people I love. And, I've gained tools necessary to confront myself when my own mindset gets in the way of my goals. 


- C. Lashley

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This isn't about fitting into
glass slippers—it's about shattering
glass ceilings. 

Hey there

I am Enuma, your Thrive Coach

I'm here to dish out the tools, the tactics, and the tough love that'll propel your career and personal life to new heights, all while making sure your well-being gets the VIP treatment it deserves.

As a Thrive Coach, I embody the role of a catalyst for change, a beacon of empowerment for ambitious professionals like you who are striving to flourish in every aspect of their lives. The title of Thrive Coach isn't just a moniker; it's a promise of transformation, guiding clients through the intricacies of personal growth, professional development, and self-care.

So, if you're ready to thrive in all shades of your life, let's get this journey started. 

Not quite ready for a 4-month commitment but still looking for support?
Consider a single session.

Stand-alone sessions help you immediately begin to address what’s getting in the way at this point.

Ever feel the weight of thoughts holding you back from prioritizing yourself & doing what you really really want? We are diving deep to unravel the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.
Together, we'll journey towards identifying the root cause of your inner block, empowering you to break free and chart a course towards the thriving reality you deserve. 

Brace yourself for a dynamic experience where we unravel external blocks, engage in accountable conversations, and foster invaluable thought partnership.
This strategic deep dive is your key to propelling forward—bring your goals, projects, and dreams to the table, and together, we'll craft concrete actions for progress.  

Get ready to dive deep into understanding your behavioral motivations and their powerful influence on your life.
Consider this session your North Star, revealing the barriers that might be standing between you and your deepest desires.
It's time to rewrite your narrative, make informed decisions, and step into a future where your confidence and fulfillment take center stage.  

Note: Sliding for services is available.

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Enuma was amazing with listening and interpreting my needs and "my why".

Through her coaching, I began to see paths of many possibilities, including things I thought were impossible. I've truly embraced working towards self satisfaction and evoking the confidence it takes to pursue self-exploration. Nothing else matters.

And honestly, as a result, I  feel less anxious and more confident.


- T. Francois

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