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unpopular opinion...



Living in the shadows of your life serves no one.

But you know that already. Forgive yourself, sis.


You are showing up for yourself now.

You're here because you're ready to glow and grow. Love this for you!

Join this 10-week journey to get you out of hiding

from everything and everyone you've desired.


By the time you're through with the Thrive AccelerateHER, you'll strut in your life, head high, with a toolkit that’s brimming with strategies, confidence that's through the roof, and a heart that’s fierce and ready for it all.

We are make thriving your new normal.

how does it work?

Here's what you will learn during our
10 weeks together...

She Thrivin' IG Posts.png
She Thrivin' IG Posts.png

weeks #1-3

Visioning and Evicting Limiting Beliefs

Rewrite your narrative from impossible to inevitable, from self-doubt to self-belief. Rewrite the rules of success that keep you feeling stuck.

First up, we're talking Visioning – and I mean the kind that has you seeing your future self in 4K ultra-high-def clarity. We're about to sketch out your dreams with some serious swagger.

Then, those sneaky Limiting Beliefs that have been crashing at your mental pad rent-free? We're about to serve them an eviction notice. It's time to clear out the clutter and make room for some can-do vibes.

She Thrivin' IG Posts.png

weeks #4-6

Navigating Behavior and Emotions Like a Boss

The cycles of inaction, analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, and the endless comparison fostered by social media more, sis!

Get to the core of WHY you've behaved this way so you can address it for good. We're not just tweaking habits; we're revolutionizing your entire approach. It's like a software update for your soul – 'New Year, New Me' has got nothing on this.

And when it comes to feelings—get ready to dive deep. We're tapping into emotional intelligence and transforming those feelings into your secret weapon.

She Thrivin' IG Posts.png

weeks #7-10

Taking Action to Rewrite Your Reality

Flip the script on everything you thought made your dreams impossible. It's time to step into the arena and pursue those dreams that have been calling out to you. 

Watch your world change before you eyes with each step you take. Fully apply your newly developed skills and bring what you really, really want into existence. 

No more hesitating on the sidelines, sis. Girl, you'll be a force of nature.

Female Friends

So, are you in, sis?
'Cause this is where we


make thriving your new normal.

get all the deets

Girl Gazing


...and I’m so grateful that I’m a few dozen steps closer to who I envision being. I’ve adopted her questioning in my self-reflection, sought more creative ways to pour into myself via different hobbies, and left relationships that no longer serve my whole being. I’ve also learned how to reframe my thinking and define success under the terms that I want, instead of what society (including well-intentioned family/friends) wants.”


I’m in no way the same person I was before I worked with Enuma...

Is this for me?

This is for you if...

you are seeking a sisterhood where vulnerability is celebrated and personal growth is a shared journey

you understand that thriving begins with a commitment to doing the internal work

you're eager to shift, learn, and grow to unlock the greatness that lies within you

you appreciate a straightforward coaching style

you value the strength that comes from digging deep within yourself

This is not for you if...

you're looking for a passive coaching experience without a commitment to active participation and personal growth

you are uncomfortable with the group coaching format, where feedback and shared personal growth are integral

you find it challenging to be emotionally vulnerable and struggle with taking ownership of your role in your own life

you are resistant to feedback and not fully committed to changing your behavior

you are unwilling to engage in the internal work required for external change

Still unsure if this group coaching program is a good fit for you?
Reach out to us at with any questions.

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Join Thrive AccelerateHER
for an  
investment of only $1500

Pay in Full for $1500


3 Payments of $525


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You've been chilling on the sidelines of your life for too long.
It's time to take the main stage.

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